ECA Facilities

Extra-curricular activities (ECA) are activities that take place outside regular class teaching and yet are related to student learning. As such, they fall within the scope of the school curriculum. ECA take care of the students’ different developmental needs such as their sense of moral values and attitudes, skills and creativity. Through their participation in ECA, students can learn to communicate, to cooperate with other people and in addition to enrich their life experience. If students are given the opportunities to organize ECA, they will gain first-hand experience of programmed planning and leadership, thus enabling themselves to discover and develop their potential. This set of guidelines has included basic concepts related to the planning and organization of activities. It is hoped that both Primary and Secondary schools may make reference to the guidelines with a view to implementing their ECA programmed efficiently. In view of the differences in schools’ settings and the fact that students’ maturity varies at primary and secondary levels, schools are advised to draw on their own experience and professional knowledge to best realize their goals.

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