Principal Message

" Dear Perspective Students”, To my mind, an educational institute is all about building character, enriching minds and about inspirational experiences that lasts a lifetime. Life is series of experience and learning process. "School Name" promotes the culture of learning, sharing through discovering individual needs and talents of the students. We promote the learning culture which goes beyond books, and conventional teaching. We encourage fullest participation of the students in overall academic and scholastic pursuit with the close guidance of the experienced educationists who have devoted their lives in academic sector. "

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Our Features

We believe, vehemently that education does not not begin and end at the classroom door and that many of the best lessons are learned when students test themselves in new and adventurous situations.

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We have laboratories for each science subject as well as for Geography & Mathematics.

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We follow the Montessori system which is the most modern and globally accepted method of schooling-nurturing and supporting the innate abilities and potentials of children whose skills are developed in and through’ learning by doing’ method.

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Extra-curricular activities (ECA) are activities that take place outside regular class teaching and yet are related to student learning.

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